Coronation Street curse: 5 reasons why Nick shouldn’t hold Oliver’s naming ceremony in the Bistro

Is the Weatherfield bar actually jinxed?


Tonight’s Coronation Street sees Nick Tilsley decide to hold baby Oliver’s naming ceremony in the Bistro. Needless to say, it all goes wrong as Nick decides to get drunk and wallow in self pity, while Liz ends up tearing a strip off Leanne. But should we be that surprised? After all, the Bistro is quite obviously jinxed, having brought Nick nothing but misery whenever he’s decided to hold a function there. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say it’s cursed. Don’t agree? Well, here are five reminders as to why Nick should avoid the Bistro at all costs.


1) The tram crash

In its previous incarnation as the Joinery, it bore the impact of the 2010 tram crash. Ashley Peacock met his maker, but it was also touch and go for Nick, who spent a good portion of the high-profile week trapped in the rubble.


2) Nick hits Leanne

Christmas Day 2013 ended in violence when a brain-damaged Nick lashed out and hit Leanne during a family dinner in the Bistro. Surely such traumatic memories would have resulted in Nick seeking an alternative venue four years later?


3) Nick’s wedding day to Carla

Ah yes, those blissful nuptials that saw Tracy storm down the aisle and reveal that the bride had cheated with Robert Preston. Almost as soon as he’d said “I do”, Nick decided to get his marriage annulled, while possessive mum Gail slut-shamed Carla in front of the assembled guests by slapping her.


4) David is held captive

The Platts sure know how to have a night out. Mid-way through a family meal back in October 2016, Nick conspired with Gail to hold David prisoner in the cellar at the Bisto in a bid to stop him seeking revenge on killer Clayton. David inevitably escaped and sent a petrol-laden car up in flames after crashing it on the cobbles.


5) Steve reveals that he’s the daddy

Even if Nick has erased memories of all the calamities listed above, he can’t have forgotten that, in February 2017, Steve dropped his paternity bombshell in the Bistro as the Platts toasted the arrival of the newborn Oliver? So, naturally, he’d now want to revisit the scene of such anguish on the baby’s next big day. Honestly, think about what you’re doing, Nicholas?


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