Emmerdale: take a tour of Aaron and Robert’s new home!

Let Danny Miller be your guide behind the scenes


Who would live in a house like this? No, Danny Miller hasn’t taken over presenting duties on Through the Keyhole – he’s actually giving Emmerdale fans a tour of Aaron and Robert’s new home.


The fan favourites will be back on screen soon – and moving into their new abode at Mill. And what a residence it is. #Robron fans will no doubt be very excited to see behind the scenes, but don’t expect the beloved duo to be playing happy families for long.

Show boss Iain MacLeod recently revealed that Aaron is about to find out about Robert’s infidelity in a fraught double episode:

“We’ve got big Robert and Aaron stuff coming up – there’s a state of the nation type, hou- long episode where their relationship is hanging in the balance. I hope it will answer some of the concerns the ardent Robron fans have about the direction that the story is taking.”


But before all that, why not take a look at the surroundings in which the showdown could play out…