EastEnders: Madison and Alexandra play another cruel trick on Louise

Will Louise become aware that she's the girls' latest target?


Evil Madison and Alexandra seem intent on making Louise’s life a misery in next week’s EastEnders – but will the situation end up getting out of hand?


After noticing that Louise is getting tongue-tied around Walford High pupil Travis, the twisted duo come up with a scheme.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 2 May will see Madison and Alexandra suggest that Louise has them over for a relaxed girls’ night to celebrate Madison’s birthday. And once Sharon agrees, the two girls put their plan into action.

Later on, Bex overhears the pair inviting Travis to a party, a conversation that immediately piques her suspicion. But as Louise prepares for her supposedly ‘quiet’ evening, she remains unaware of what’s going on behind her back.

Pretty soon though – as the party kicks off – Louise realises that Madison and Alexandra have other intentions in mind when lots of people suddenly turn up.

As the party becomes more raucous, can Louise keep the situation under control?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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