Home and Away: Ash is reunited with ‘dead’ brother next week – and punches him in the face!

He's furious he faked his death, but can he forgive him?


Home and Away’s Ash is in for a big shock next week when he comes face-to-face with the brother he thought was dead – but it’s not a happy family reunion as the boys come to blows as soon as they meet.


Ash refuses to believe evidence suggesting his brother Luke is still alive, insisting to Kat that the cops must have got it wrong. As Kat does some digging in Monday’s episode, Ash gets a series of anonymous phone calls from an unknown number – calling it back, he hears a voicemail greeting that sounds suspiciously like Luke… Kat, meanwhile, locates the police file on Luke’s death and is stunned when she sees a picture of the ‘deceased’ Mr Ashford – it’s the stranger she saw at Billie’s funeral.

Tracking down the address linked to the number of the mobile that called Ash to a man called Patrick, Kat accompanies the disbelieving dude to the house to get answers. Ash breaks the door down but finds nothing and they prepare to leave – only to be stopped in their tracks by a voice calling out…

Astonished at the sight of Luke, Ash lashes out and punches his brother before driving off! 

The next day, Luke tracks Ash down and begs him to hear his side of the story: ex-soldier Luke was severely depressed after his last tour and struggled to adapt to civilian life. The only way he could move on from his army traumas was to change his name and start his life all over again – he couldn’t become ‘Patrick’ if his family knew he was still alive so he went to ground and kept an eye on Ash and Billie from afar.

News of Billie’s tragic death and the fact he has a new nephew has brought Patrick out of hiding and he pleads with his brother to understand. But hurt Ash is having none of it and tells Patrick to leave him alone… But with Billie gone, can Ash really turn his back on the sibling he thought he’d lost? 


Home and Away continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.