EastEnders: Stacey tells Martin she’s pregnant

Stace shared her happy news with her husband tonight


Stacey Fowler revealed her pregnancy to Martin in tonight’s EastEnders.


After confiding in sister-in-law Michelle in yesterday’s episode, Stace grabbed some alone time with her other half to tell him the news. Luckily mum Jean was popping over for a Good Friday lunch so she could babysit Lily and Arthur while Stacey spirited Martin to a quiet corner of the Vic.


In an emotional scene, manly Martin got all choked up and voiced his concerns through the happy tears about the potential impact on Stacey’s mental health. Last time Stacey, who is bipolar, was pregnant she stopped taking her medication and suffered postpartum psychosis after giving birth to her son Arthur.

It led to a worrying time as Stacey had a breakdown and ended up being sectioned, but eventually recovered.

When Stacey and Martin discussed trying for another baby a few months ago, they put a plan in place with doctors to ensure Mrs Fowler’s mental health was top priority in light of her condition.

Sensible Stacey reassured Martin that, while having another child was a risk, it was one she was prepared to take and she vowed never to regret it: “I want a person on this earth that is a little bit of you and a little bit of me. I think that’s worth the risk…” she said. Awww…

Doing our sums, Stacey’s baby would be due around the end of the year – have we got our first confirmation of EastEnders’ big Christmas storyline for 2017? 

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