Coronation Street: Sally reels in horror after opening mystery parcel

Sally's trolls strike again - and leave her in tears


It’s fair to say that Coronation Street’s Sally Webster is having the day from hell.


First, her death notice gets published in the local paper, then she receives some ominous texts and now she’s been left in tears after glimpsing the contents of a mysterious parcel.

Yes, the first episode of tonight’s Corrie double bill saw Sally’s trolls close in and put paid to her plans to have a cosy chat with an interviewer from glossy mag Cheshire Haven.

As if seeing your own demise in print wasn’t enough, Sally is now having to deal with whatever’s in a box addressed to her and sent to the Underworld factory.

In a twist reminiscent of the movie Se7en, Sally has just been seen ripping the parcel’s tape off and glimpsing inside, although viewers have yet to see the true horror that has sent Sal reeling.

But we won’t have long to wait: Coronation Street returns at 8.30pm when – hopefully – we’ll get some answers.


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