Hollyoaks: Ste and Harry are arrested! Watch the full scene

The investigation into Amy's murder gets very dramatic indeed


Tonight’s Hollyoaks is to see both Ste and Harry feel the long arm of the law – and you can get a sneak peek look at all the drama right here first!


In the scene below, Harry can be seen briefing Ste, Diane and Tony on what to say to the investigating officers. At the same time there’s a bang on the door and a voice from behind the door shouts, “police”.

Tony heads towards the door to find a DS Armstrong, who quickly forces his way in and declares that he is arresting Ste for the suspicion of the murder of Amy Barnes.

As a uniformed police man tries to get to Ste, Tony and Diane try their best to protect him while Ste goes into a state of panic trying to do anything to avoid the police arresting him.

Harry repeats his alibi to DS Armstrong claiming that Ste was with him all night but DS Armstrong reveals he has a witness that places Ste at Amy’s flat the night she was murdered.

As DS Armstrong is giving Harry all this information, Ste is still trying his best to get away from the police as tears stream down his face and Tony holds onto him.


You can watch the scene below. And don’t forget to watch the episode in full on E4 at 7pm.