Emmerdale: Cain and Harriet get passionate – Jeff Hordley and Katherine Dow Blyton speak out!

What will fans make of this unlikely pairing?


Emmerdale bad boy has proven himself to be as irresistible as ever, locking lips with village vicar Harriet Finch in tonight’s episode of the ITV soap.


“When I first heard it was going to be the vicar, I thought it was an odd coupling. But when the scripts came, you could see the dynamic between them,” actor Jeff Hordley said tonight. “It really works and it’s quite fun and it’s quite cheeky and I think it’s an interesting dalliance.”

The pair had been seen getting close after Harriet caught Cain with a stash of stolen mobile phones that he was hoping to offload.

This evening’s drama saw ex-cop-turned-cleric trying to warn Cain that the police were on his tail following a robbery, only to suddenly get roped in to be his getaway driver.


Despite Harriet’s protestations that she and Cain could have been caught on camera, the old rogue managed to talk her round – even offering a wad of cash to put on her collection plate (which was, of course, refused).

When Cain later asked why Harriet had gone along with his illegal activities, she replied that she wanted to keep him out of jail – if only for Sarah’s sake.

As Cain then suggested that Harriet enjoyed “being one of the baddies for once”, the pair suddenly got passionate. But is there really a future for the couple? 

“I don’t know. It might just be a little one off kiss…Anyway who really has a future with Cain?” added Hordley. “He’s not exactly predictable.”

When asked whether she’d like to see more screen time for the pairing, Katherine Dow Blyton commented: “I can only keep my fingers crossed.”

As for whether Harriet herself could envisage making a go of it with Cain, the actress said: “She’s definitely going to keep her wits about her. She doesn’t want to think she’s being used, but there’s a massive attraction there. And part of her wants to go for it!”

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