Emmerdale: Ashley’s condition deteriorates – Laurel is told to prepare for the worst…

Ashley's death will air next week


Prepare for emotional scenes in Emmerdale next week when Ashley Thomas passes away following a long battle with vascular dementia.


On Monday, Laurel frets about her husband’s condition following his health crisis last week when he began coughing up blood and was rushed to hospital. Praying Ashley will recover, Laurel is devastated when doctors tell her to prepare for the worst – there’s nothing more they can do for him… With dad Doug by her side, Laurel decides she wants to bring Ashley home for his remaining days.


Knowing this was inevitable doesn’t make it any easier for Laurel. As well as attempting to come to terms with the news herself, in Tuesday’s episode she also faces the difficult task of telling the children and worries about their reaction.

Teenager Gabby struggles to take it in, and is upset when her stepmum invites Ashley’s friends to Mulberry Cottage once he’s back – all she wants is time alone with her father, but will she get the chance?


Friday sees Ashley’s nearest and dearest gather at his bedside. As everyone reminisces about Ashley’s life in the village, spirits are high as happy memories are shared – but the sad reality of the situation starts to hit as the community reflect on what he’s meant to them.

It’s poignant for Laurel as she observes how much he’ll be missed. Alone with her beloved husband, she manages to share a final, tender moment with Ashley before he peacefully passes away… How will Laurel and the family cope in the aftermath?


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