EastEnders: Lauren gets closer to city boy Josh

The pair enjoy a cosy dinner date next week


EastEnders’ Lauren Branning is one step closer to cheating on boyfriend Steven Beale next week when she goes on a cosy dinner date with newcomer Josh.


Frustrated at her snooze-fest of a relationship with Steven, which mainly involves sitting on front of the telly with Ian and Jane every night, Lauren’s head has been turned by sharp-suited city boy Josh, who she first met when she visited dad Max at his new office.


In next Tuesday’s episode, Josh invites Lauren to dinner to discuss a potential employment opportunity for Ms Branning – leaving Steven to babysit Louie (and no doubt enjoy another Midsomer Murders repeat with Ian and Jane). But Lauren is clearly still intrigued by Josh, so will their evening end up as less business, more pleasure?


With a job going at his company, Josh encourages Lauren to apply for it – could there be an ulterior motive here? Keen to spend more time with Josh, Lauren discusses the matter with Max, but her dad is not exactly over the moon about his daughter working for the same company…

Just what is Max really up to at this new job? Since that clandestine meeting with a shady figure at the top of the Shard fans have been desperate for more to be revealed about Max’s secret plan. Is Josh working with him? That would explain Max being so quick to advise Lauren against applying for the job in Thursday’s episode, but she does it anyway…

Could Lauren’s flirtation with Josh get her closer to the truth about her dad? Is Max using Josh to break up Lauren and Steven? Whatever’s going on, it looks like Lauren’s about to get the excitement in her life she’s been craving… 


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