Emmerdale: Emma discovers Faith’s medication secret – here’s what happens next

What exactly can be wrong with Faith?


Blackmail was the name of the game on tonight’s Emmerdale as Faith and Emma each tried to get the upper hand. As to who emerged the winner – well, that remains to be seen!


Scenes just broadcast saw Faith attempting to extort £10,000 out of Emma, only to have the tables suddenly turned on her.

As viewers know, Faith appeared to know all about Emma’s killing of James after eavesdropping on her confession in the village church.


But just as Emma was set to hand over the cash, she spied a bottle of pills in Faith’s handbag – a supply of medication that the Dingle matriarch was keen to keep under wraps.

When it looked as though an impasse had been reached, Emma was seen telling Faith that she must keep on taking she pills (fans still don’t know what exactly they’re for).

And for her part, Faith still believes that James committed suicide and that Emma wasn’t to blame for what happened! Turns out she’s not such a good eavesdropper after all!

As for what happens next, it appears that Faith is now set to switch her focus to her family as she has a heart to heart with Chas about their brittle relationship.


Upcoming episodes see them appear to make up, only for Faith to suddenly recoil when Chas tries to hug her. So why does she pull away and can the two of them ever find a way to reconcile?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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