Coronation Street: Anna orders Seb to stay away from Faye

The teen tearaway is read the riot act after aggressive outburst against his girlfriend


Troubled Coronation Street teen Faye Windass is banned from seeing boyfriend Seb in next week’s episodes following an angry showdown. 


Seb is jealous that Faye doesn’t seem to have time for him any more, and his simmering temper boils over on Monday when he lashes out – with serious consequences. 

Guilty Faye hugs Seb and tries to reassure him that nothing’s changed, but mum Anna is horrified at this aggressive side to Seb and bans him from seeing her daughter. 

On Friday, Anna reads the riot act to Seb and, despite his apologies to Faye for his behaviour, won’t budge on refusing to let the couple see each other, convinced he’s a bad influence. 


Heartbroken Faye mopes around but help is at hand from an unlikely source – Rosie Webster. Thinking she’s doing a good deed, well-meaning but ultimately misguided Rosie resolves to get Faye and Seb back together… Is this really a good idea? 

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