The TV dogs we’d love to see at Crufts

From Wellard to Wishbone, meet the small screen canines who could compete with the country's fluffy finest at Britain's biggest dog show


The world’s most talented four-legged friends have descended upon Birmingham for the biggest event in the canine calendar. Yup, Crufts is upon us once again.


We’re sure there’ll be some truly delightful dogs in the ring, but we can’t help but wonder how some of TV’s finest would fare in the competition?

So without further ado we present the TV dogs who we think should be at the Birmingham NEC…

Top Cog (K9 – Doctor Who)

We’ve met a few incarnations of the Doctor’s four-wheeled companion over the years and we’re sure any of them could easily roll to victory after their adventures in space and time. Any dog who can beat a Time Lord in a game of chess and live to tell the ‘tail’ deserves a spot at Crufts.

Classiest Canine (Brian Griffin – Family Guy)

If you’re looking for a sophisticated dog who could swing with the hippest cats then you need look no further than Brian Griffin. This seriously smooth pooch is something of a culture vulture and hey, anyone who can keep Stewie Griffin at bay is a-OK.


Long Lost Labrador (Vincent – Lost)

Poor Vincent. All he wanted to do was head abroad with his owner, Walt. But he ended up stranded on a godforsaken island with a zany group who could barely feed themselves, never mind construct a decent exit strategy. Anyone who survives an ordeal like that deserves a medal, so we’d love to see him getting one from the folks at Crufts.