EastEnders: Shirley warns Whitney to stay away from Mick!

Whitney claims she's only trying to help - but do we believe her?


Shirley Carter will become the voice of EastEnders fans in next week’s episodes when she tell Whitney to stay away from Mick.


Mick’s growing closeness to Whitney has become a bone of contention for viewers, so Shirley’s warning is very timely indeed.

In Whitney’s defence, she’s claiming that she’s merely trying to help Mick find the money to pay debts for which she feels responsible. But we can’t help but suspect her of having ulterior motives…

As for Mick’s money worries, we’ll also see Johnny demanding that Mick tell Linda the truth about Lee and the debts before he goes to prison.

But little do the family know that Shirley has a plan to help the situation. And when Mick eventually finds out, he does his best to change her mind. But will he be successful?


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