Emmerdale: Aaron’s new prison torment – full details revealed

Life behind bars is going to be brutal


Aaron Dingle’s past catches up with him in prison next week on Emmerdale as he struggles to face the harsh reality of life behind bars.


Jailed for his assault on Kasim, vulnerable Aaron just wants to get through his 12-month sentence with no dramas so he can be back with his family, having been torn apart from Robert just as they were celebrating their wedding day.

When his other half visits the prison on Wednesday, it’s unbearable for Robron as they struggle to hide their true feelings – but will a moment of intimacy between them be spotted and used against Aaron on the inside? 

It’s Aaron’s mum’s turn to visit on Thursday, and Chas is deeply concerned for her son’s welfare when another inmate Jason antagonises Aaron. And we all know what happens when his temper gets the better of him…

There’s another worrying development for the despondent Mr. Dingle on Friday, when the prison top dog learns who Aaron’s father was – evil Gordon Livesy, who was jailed for sexually abusing his son as a child and killed himself in his cell.

Haunted by his traumatic past, Aaron fears the link to Gordon will mean the rest of his time in the slammer will be even more excruciating – how will he cope, and who can he turn to for help? 


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