EastEnders: new crisis for Mick brings him closer to Whitney

Will Whit come to Mick's rescue?


Mick Carter’s monetary mess gets worse in next week’s EastEnders, but could there be light at the end of the tunnel?


Following a frightful few weeks, Mick thinks life is looking up at last in Monday’s episode of EastEnders as the ceiling repairs begin at the pub and he tells the police about evil Aunt Babe’s disappearance, which should mean he faces less of a hefty fine for breaching the licence.

Unfortunately another bombshell quickly puts the beleaguered landlord practically back to square one. Shirley reckons her son’s only option is to talk to the bank about getting a loan, so Mick organises a meeting with the manager. However, Shirl’s more than a little miffed when Mick tells her he’s asked Whitney to be at the meeting instead of her. Good old Whit, so keen to help the father-in-law she’s desperately in love with…

Friday is the big day for meeting with the bank manager, so Mick and Whitney prepare to impress with the hope of a loan. But will the bank agree? And is getting into more debt really a good idea? Look at what happened to Lee – or has everyone forgotten about him already?

Or is this whole thing just another way for Whitney to get close to Mick? 


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