Coronation Street: Bethany sleeps with Nathan – here’s what happens next

Is there any escape from the creepy sex pest?


Creepy Coronation Street villain Nathan Curtis has finally got Bethany Platt into bed.


In shocking scenes aired during tonight’s double bill, the sleazy newcomer ramped up his manipulation of the vulnerable teenager and seduced her while she was drunk.

His hold over Bethany increased this week when the pair shared their first kiss in Wednesday’s episode.

Following speculation around Nathan’s involvement with the disappearance of a teenage girl, he harshly rejected Bethany when she refused to give him an alibi. Realising he was innocent, Bethany raced to Nathan’s salon and begged forgiveness for doubting him. Mutual friend Mel then offered to take Bethany out on the town.

But unbeknownst to Bethany, Mel is in on Nathan’s grooming scheme and is not to be trusted – she sneakily plied Bethany with vodka and arranged for Nathan to turn up when she was properly plastered, and also stole her phone and texted Sarah pretending she was staying over at a mate’s.

Stumbling out of the bar Bethany bumped into Rana who was on a night out with Kate and Alya – offering to take her home, nasty Nathan then appeared. Despite Rana’s reservations, drunk Bethany insisted he was a friend and they sped off into the night.

Back at his flat Nathan stepped up the mind games, kissing Bethany passionately then insisting she sleep on the sofa. Thinking she’d been rejected again and playing right into his hands, nervous and confused Bethany crept into Nathan’s bedroom…

Having taken her virginity, viewers then saw Nathan make a secret phone call to somebody, telling the person on the other end: “It worked like a dream… remember what I said – this girl is special…”

Next week Bethany admits to mum Sarah she and Nathan are dating, but lies that they haven’t slept together.

Speaking about the storyline, actress Lucy Fallon revealed it’s set to be an “uncomfortable watch” in the coming weeks as Nathan’s horrifying true intentions become clear. 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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