Coronation Street: Leanne gives birth – in a lift!

Baby Battersby/McDonald/Tilsley makes a dramatic arrival into the world


Leanne Battersby gives birth to a baby boy while trapped in a lift next Monday. As he’s already been the subject of a huge storyline before even being born, it’s no surprise that the kid’s entrance is suitably dramatic.


Toyah is desperate for Leanne to forgive her for getting together with Peter and keeping it a secret, but stubborn Lee remains resolute and refuses to let her off the hook.

As the sisters row, Toyah won’t let it go and follows Leanne into the Victoria Court lifts – which then gets stuck between floors as Leanne’s waters break.

The alarm is broken (of course it is) and there’s no phone signal (of course there isn’t) so the estranged siblings panic. Eventually Nurse Rana hears screams from outside, and shouts up medical advice from the lobby. Nick and Eva are soon on the scene, and by Wednesday’s episode mother and baby are safely at home.

It’s more than a little awkward for the McDonalds when Michelle insists she and Steve visit the new mum to show their support. Unable to go through with it, Steve waits outside while an emotional Michelle, still reeling from the loss of Ruairi, comes face-to-face with Leanne’s newborn – unaware he is also Steve’s son.


Leanne names the boy Oliver, but there’s a bombshell for fiancé Nick when she tells him she doesn’t want him named as the father on the birth certificate. Real baby daddy Steve McDonald is living just over the road, and despite the fact he’s agreed to having nothing to do with the child’s upbringing Leanne still feels it wouldn’t be right.

A few days later, Leanne has a change of heart about Nick and tells her other half she does want him officially named as Olly’s father. So it’s all happy families again, especially when ‘granny’ Gail organises an impromptu party at the bistro to welcome Olly into the world.


But as Michelle and Steve are forced to watch the celebrations from their table as they have dinner, they struggle to cope. Now Leanne’s baby is here, what’s next for the Street’s biggest ticking timebomb?