Neighbours: Dee is an impostor! And here are six other soap doppelgangers

The truth is out! Dee's a fake - and she's not the only one


Neighbours has finally revealed the truth about Dee Bliss – she’s an impostor. In scenes broadcast today on Channel 5 and on Channel 11 in Australia, it was confirmed the character, played by returning cast member Madeleine West, is pulling one enormous con trick.


Fans have been wildly speculating as to whether ‘Dee’ was the real deal since she turned up on Ramsay Street a fortnight ago, 14 years after she supposedly drowned on her wedding day to Toadie.

Dee claimed she had survived the bridal car crashing into the ocean and had escaped, but endured severe memory loss for the next few years.

A further twist emerged when Dee said was pregnant at the time and she and Toadie now have a 13-year-old daughter called Willow.

In the final scene of today’s episode, it was revealed to viewers that ‘Dee’ is actually woman called Andrea, who had faked a DNA test to convince Toadie and the rest of Ramsay Street that Willow was his daughter by secretly swapping a sample with Toadie’s other daughter, Nell, so they matched.

In a heated exchange, Willow angrily pulled Andrea up on involving Nell in their scam, implying she’s not happy with the arrangement. Toadie is helping ‘Dee’ to secure her share of the Bliss family fortune, unaware the whole thing is a con.

Poor Toadie is been reeled in hook, line and sinker, although other residents are less convinced. But it remains to be seen how long the charade can be maintained.

The outrageous plot has been a huge talking point among soap fans, but it’s not the first time an imposter has posed as another character right under everyone’s noses. In fact, soap writers have pulled the same stunt at least six other times:

Rita/Krystle (Dynasty)

Drippy Dynasty heroine Krystle Carrington was replaced with a look-a-like called Rita, also played by Linda Evans. Sammy Jo was scamming money off her rich Auntie Krystle so kidnapped her and did a straight swap with the red-headed fraudster, complete with blonde wig and elocution lessons.

Wes/Jock (Dallas)

Mysterious farmhand Wes Parmalee rocked up at Southfork claiming to be dead patriarch Jock Ewing after a spot of plastic surgery. Almost fooling Miss Ellie, he later confessed to being a fake.

Lisa/Sonia (Hollyoaks)

The Lovedays were reunited with their daughter Lisa who had been missing for 15 years… or so they thought. “Lisa” was actually Sonia, a con artist who had once met the real Lisa (who later turned up in the guise of X Factor contestant Rachel Adedeji) and decided to steal her life.

Gavin/Andy (Coronation Street)

Drippy Michael Rodwell (RIP) tracked down estranged son Gavin who he’d abandoned as a kid, not realising he was an imposter called Andy (RIP) who had assumed the identity of his mate, the real Gavin Rodwell (also RIP – what a lucky lot).

Ryan/Alex (Coronation Street)

Ryan Connor was in his teens when he discovered he’d been mistakenly swapped with another baby at birth, and that Michelle wasn’t his mum at all. The ‘real’ Ryan was a surly emo kid called Alex Neeson, not seen or spoken of for nearly a decade (much like the storyline).

Baby Archie/Fake Baby Archie (Emmerdale)


Rachel Breckle was forced out of the village with her son Archie, who daddy Jai then tracked down and bought off a ‘friend’ of Rachel’s who claimed she was in rehab. But when Rachel later returned with Archie in tow, Jai realised he’d been duped and had actually paid money for a random child.