Coronation Street: Rosie to have a shock fling, reveals Helen Flanagan

Who will be Rosie's mystery man?


Rosie Webster isn’t going to waste any time when she returns to Coronation Street next week – because it won’t be long before she gets her hands on a Weatherfield man.


“She has a fling, but I don’t know who with yet,” said actress Helen Flanagan. “It’ll be interesting to see who she hooks up with. I enjoy Rosie being in a relationship because you can really play off that.”

Flanagan will return to the ITV soap following a break of five years, with Rosie immediately getting into trouble with the police after she flies back from America with sister Sophie (Brooke Vincent) in tow.

Next Friday’s episode of Corrie will also see Rosie catching the eye of Adam Barlow, although Flanagan doesn’t expect there to be anything long-term between the two characters.

Added the actress: “There’s a spark and an instant attraction between Rosie and Adam Barlow, but I don’t know what will happen between them.

“He’s a bit of a wolf and a womaniser and I don’t think Rosie would be very happy about that. I don’t think he’s very nice either!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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