EastEnders: Jack vents his fury at Glenda – but what tips him over the edge?

Is Glenda's interference too much for a grieving Jack?


Ever since Glenda moved in with Jack and the kids, EastEnders viewers have been waiting for an argument to brew up. And it looks like the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths could prove to be the catalyst.


The drama unfolds next week after Ricky and Amy head back to school, a move that suggests that the children are coping with recent tragic events. However, Glenda has soon noticed something upsetting that casts new light on what’s going on…

Jack, meanwhile, is growing increasingly paranoid over Glenda’s true intentions begins to grow, but he’s forced to focus on other things when he attends the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy’s death.

Back home, Glenda is doing her best to help a fragile Amy. But when Jack gets home, e’s still in shock after learning the outcome of the report and is confronted with what Glenda has done. Everything that has been simmering for Jack then reaches boiling point.

But what does Glenda do that pushes Jack over the edge? And how will he react?


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