Coronation Street: Toyah’s IVF heartache is revealed – Georgia Taylor interview

Toyah to reach breaking point in her relationship with Peter during next week's episodes of Corrie


Toyah Battersby will reveal her IVF heartache in next week’s Coronation Street, but could her desire for a child end up driving a wedge between her and Peter?


The drama unfolds after Peter – who is  unaware of Toyah’s past fertility issues with her husband Toby – tells her that he doesn’t want any more children.

Actress Georgia Taylor explains why Toyah has kept her baby plight a secret from Peter: “When she was having an affair with him, it was about escaping the drudgery of her real life, which consisted of arguing with her husband, running out of money and the stress of the IVF.

“It was about the excitement and forgetting all of that, so you can understand why she wouldn’t necessarily talk about that to start with.”

In the wake of Peter’s bombshell, Toyah gets a visit from ex-husband Toby, who tells her the fertility clinic have been in touch about the future of their frozen embryos. When he asks her if she’s willing to give their relationship another chance, Toyah is wracked with indecision.

Taylor explains, her character Toyah is devastated by Peter’s stance on having more kids: “All of a sudden, she now has a choice. Does she stay with the man she loves and give up her dream of having children, which is all she’s ever wanted, or does she give him up? It’s catch 22 really.

“Toby turns up and he’s offering her everything. Peter isn’t, but he’s the one she really loves. She’s in a huge dilemma. How do you choose? If she has to make a choice then she would probably let Peter go. That’s how great her need to be a mother is.”

Later, Toyah meets up with Eva and Leanne for a session at a nearby spa. Leanne notices her red, puffy eyes and asks her what’s wrong. Toyah breaks down in floods of tears, explaining that she went through years of unsuccessful rounds of IVF with Toby. When Leanne suggests she could always start a family with her new partner she admits that he doesn’t want more children.

However, Taylor thinks that – despite Peter’s past womanising ways – he would be a good father. “We’ve seen him at both ends of the spectrum. We’ve seen him being an awful dad but I think a lot of that is to do with his drinking.

“He’s sober at the moment and that’s when you see what a lovely dad he can be. He and Simon interact with each other really well. When you see them together, you think, ‘you could be a really great, fun dad.’ However, Peter Barlow always has the potential to go off the rails.”

Later in the week, Peter is stunned to find out that Toyah has kept her fertility problems and desire for a baby a secret from him. Wondering whether he can trust her and what other lies she might have told him, he storms off on a taxi run.

His glamorous customer Chloe invites him in to her hotel for a drink and Peter, still feeling betrayed, accepts. Has he gone back to his old ways? Torah’s certainly fuming when Tim accidentally lets slip where Peter has been. 

Meanwhile, in a bid to sort out her sister’s relationship woes, Leanne replies to a text from ‘Fred’ on Toyah’s phone. But she’s confused when it’s Peter who turns up at the door. Will it dawn on her that Peter is, in fact, Toyah’s boyfriend ‘Fred’? And how would Leanne feel about her sister and her ex getting together?

Taylor says: “Her main issue would be that we didn’t tell her. She holds no feelings for Peter, so there’s no problem about her being jealous. If anything, she would be concerned about Toyah because she would think that Peter isn’t good enough or trustworthy enough for her. Plus Simon and Eva have found out before Leanne, so she’d be betrayed and humiliated.”

The Corrie star hopes though that Peter and Toyah can continue with their relationship despite the fact that they seem to want different things. “I think they genuinely love each other. He’s been sober for over two years now and Toyah believes that he’s turned over a new leaf.

“The viewers and the people on the street know how much of a womaniser Peter has been over the years. I asked Chris [Gascoyne, the actor who plays Peter] who Peter’s been with and, honest to God, he listed so many female characters in the street there was barely anybody left!

“But Toyah doesn’t necessarily know the extent of it. She likes to see the best in him. She gave up her marriage for him, so you don’t want to throw that away for something you’re not quite sure about. She wants it to work.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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