Is Walder Frey returning to Game of Thrones?

Actor David Bradley has put season seven on his CV


Just when we’d got over the return of meant-to-be-dead Jon Snow, it looks like another major character will return to Game of Thrones from the afterlife.


Could Walder Frey be coming back?

Sure, his departure from the HBO fantasy show seemed very… final. The evil lord of the Twins helped arrange the massacre of the Starks at the Red Wedding, but then in season six Arya Stark got her own back by feeding him a pie made from his sons before slitting his throat.

But is any death final in Game of Thrones? Fan site Watchers on the Wall has spotted a curious updated listing on actor David Bradley’s official agency CV, saying that he will actually be appearing in season seven. 

There had been rumours that Walder and the Twins could make a comeback . Even if Walder is dead, perhaps the most likely explanation is that his face pops up when Arya continues to use her Faceless talents?


At least there’s not long to wait until we find out – the new series of Game of Thrones will be on screens this summer.