Watch the brand-new Hollyoaks winter 2017 trailer

A dead body, a sinister twist and a shock diagnosis - all the upcoming drama on the C4 soap is previewed


Hollyoaks has released a new promo showcasing all the upcoming drama that fans can expect to see over the winter months.


In the trailer, the Lomax girls go on a trip to their aunt’s secluded cabin in the woods, but when Tegan discovers a dead body in the lake, things look set to take a sinister turn. Ste threatens Amy for keeping his kids away from him. Mercedes and Ryan desperately try to hide their recent fling. Plus Nancy is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Liam and Eva go on the run with Grace baying for their blood, while someone is arrested for Celine’s disappearance.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the separate story strands:

Body in the lake
When Leela, Tegan, Courtney and Peri take a trip to Aunt Libby’s cabin in the woods, their initial fun turns to horror when Tegan discovers a dead body in the nearby lake. Meanwhile, scorned Cameron is still furious after finding out that baby Daniel isn’t his and wants his revenge.

Ste, Amy and Ryan
Ste’s battle to see his children continues and, when tensions escalate between him and Amy, he tells his ex that he wishes she was dead… Meanwhile, Mercedes and Ryan are trying to conceal their one night stand but the video of their clinch ends up in John Paul’s hands. The trailer ends with a panicked phone call from Ryan to emergency services revealing that someone is dead, but who?

Nancy’s diagnosis
Nancy finally gets her diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis after months of struggling with the symptoms of an unknown condition. Unaware of what the future holds, an emotional Nancy and Darren worry about how they’re going to cope looking after two children. 


Watch all the drama unfold below: