EastEnders: Ronnie confronts Jack over bombshell affair claims

Is he carrying on with Honey behind Ronnie's back?


Roxy Mitchell looks set to jeopardise Ronnie and Jack’s move to Ongar in an upcoming episode of EastEnders when she makes a shock accusation.


The drama will unfold after Ronnie and Jack take Roxy a visit to a potential new school for Amy, only to become frustrated by her lack of enthusiasm.

Jack will then share some harsh words with Roxy and implies that he doesn’t want Ronnie to be happy. Later on, though, Roxy opens up to her sister and admits that, although she won’t stand in the way, deep down she doesn’t want Amy to move away.

Tensions then increase when a great offer is made on 27, which Ronnie wants to accept. But Roxy chooses that moment to share her fear that something is going on between Honey and Jack.

Ronnie will be seen refuting Roxy’s accusation, but with her paranoia growing, she eventually confronts Jack and asks him outright – but will Jack admit what’s going on?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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