Coronation Street: who is Daniel’s mum Denise Osbourne?

All you need to know about Ken's ex-partner and the mother of his son Daniel


You’ll hear a lot of talk on tonight’s Coronation Street about Daniel Osbourne’s mother Denise, who – as it turns out – hasn’t been part of her son’s life for a long time.


Yes, secrets look set to be spilled in the Barlow house when Daniel reveals that his mum walked out when he was 15 and that he’s been pretty much fending for himself ever since. So, who is Denise and will we be getting to see her again?

Well, long-time Corrie fans will of course remember Denise from her years at the salon and her relationship with Ken Barlow, the result of which was the birth of young Daniel back in 1995.


She herself originally appeared between 1992 and 1996 and was introduced as a Street siren in the Elsie Tanner mould who attracted the attentions of the likes of Reg Holdsworth and Jack Duckworth.

But it was Ken with whom she eventually embarked on a relationship, falling pregnant with twins, only one of whom – Daniel – survived full term.

Wanting to retain her independence, Denise ending up fleeing to Macclesfield after ending it with Ken, even refusing to put his name on the birth certificate.

But by June 1995, Ken had tempted Denise back to Weatherfield, only for her to then have an affair with her accountant brother in law Brian Dunkley.

Once Ken found out, that really was it – and Denise exited with Brian, leaving Daniel with his dad out of fear that she couldn’t offer him the stability he needed. However, in November 1996, Denise changed her mind and returned for her son.


Nothing was then heard from Denise until 2007, at which point Ken – who was going through a turbulent period in his marriage to Deirdre – went to stay with both her and Daniel, who had now settled close to Weatherfield.

Despite relations being initially fraught, Ken did eventually get close to his son, before he eventually returned back to Coronation Street, a clumsy pass from Denise having been unsuccessful.

Now, viewers will no doubt be wondering whether Denise will return to reestablish relations with both her son and Ken. At present, actress Denise Black is ensconced at Emmerdale, but with her character Joanie currently experiencing trouble in her marriage to Zak Dingle, hopes are high that she could make the transfer back over the Pennines…

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