Coronation Street: Mary drops huge bombshell news

Expect Norris to be left speechless - we know, it's a soap first!


Mary Taylor will deliver shock news in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street that will leave her friends slack jawed with astonishment.


A new storyline on the ITV soap will see Mary fear that she has breast cancer after finding a lump. But despite being given the all clear by doctors, Mary will remain in a downbeat mood.

Over a drink with Erica in the Rovers, Mary ends up leaving a ring binder on the table, which Erica can’t resist rifling through. But when Erica then tries to question Mary about its contents, she hurries out, leaving Erica concerned for her wellbeing.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 7 December will then see Erica confide in Norris about how worried she is for Mary. Finding Mary in the flower shop, Norris assures his friend that he only wants to help, but is left speechless when Mary reveals her bombshell news. Just what is it that Mary has to say?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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