Emmerdale reveals who got Joanie the sack!

And it wasn't Belle...


Suspicions were flying on Emmerdale tonight as the villagers speculated on who had got Joanie the sack from the factory.


As viewers saw earlier this week, Jai got his employees to suggest names as to who should be made redundant. A secret ballot followed in which the candidate with the majority ended up being Jai himself. But there was one submission with Joanie’s name upon it – all of which got her co-workers thinking that Belle must be the one responsible.

Scenes shown tonight saw Belle deny that she’d schemed to get Joanie out of the factory – only for the true culprit to then publicly unmask themselves. Because – as it turned out – Joanie had actually written her own name down, ensuring that she’d be the one to get dismissed!

Joanie had taken such drastic action after reading an entry in Belle’s diary which revealed that Zak had recently shared a kiss with his ex-wife Lisa. Joanie was disgusted with Zak for getting Belle to keep his dirty secret and branded him both a liar and a coward. 

This evening’s cliffhanger than saw Zak insist that the kiss with Lisa was a mistake, only for Joanie to insist that he still has feelings for her.

With Zak pleading that they move away to Leeds, it’s still looking doubtful as to whether Joanie can envisage a future for the two of them…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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