Neighbours: is Dee alive? Plus Tyler and Piper finally kiss!

28 November-2 December 2016: And Brad and Lauren get married


Monday 28 November


Face-to-face with her ex, and needing to save her relationship with her daughter, Brooke pays the money she owes him, then sits down for a heart-to-heart with Xanthe. Leo reaches an all-time low following a series of unfortunate events. With the Maxine story in Tim’s hands, both Paul and Terese work to keep it from becoming front page news. 

Tuesday 29 November

Sheila, Gary and Xanthe are stunned when they learn the extent of Brooke’s deception. Despite their shock, the Cannings present a united front and make Brooke an offer. With nowhere to live and feeling helpless while Susan decides what to do about finding her and Angus together, Elly learns that Susan has had to inform the education department, and her job is on the line. 

Wednesday 30 November

The Cannings come clean to the neighbours about the faux-jewellery scam, and tension grows between them and the Kennedys. A worried Angus begs Elly to keep quiet about their kiss for both their sakes. Kathy surprises Lauren by coming early for the wedding, but she can see her mum is distracted with thoughts of Lou. 

Thursday 1 December

It is the day of the big wedding, and the happy couple come dancing down the aisle. The wedding causes Lou, Kathy, Piper and Tyler to reflect on their respective relationships. Following a talk with Mark, a spooked Elly interrogates Ned about his feelings, and is convinced that her best course of action is
to run away with him after the wedding. 


Friday 2 December

Lauren and Brad’s marriage is off to a tumultuous start when Maxine shows up at their reception. Lou and Kathy are loved-up, and Lou decides they should make things official by having Susan renew their vows. As the wedding comes to a close, the day brings revelations for several favourite neighbours, as well as a giant shock for Toadie when Stonie shows him a photo of Dee!