Home and Away: Justin gets a shock from Raffy’s DNA test results – plus Hunter faces temptation

28 November-2 December 2016: And VJ finds part of an old note from Billie saying that she is leaving him


Monday 28 November


Tori comes home with the DNA test results, and Brody reveals the verdict—Raffy is a Morgan. But Hope does not take the news well and speeds off in Mason’s car with Raffy. Evelyn kicks Matt out of the farmhouse after his unexpected kiss. Duncan and Tori’s lunch date is cut short when news of Hope and Raffy’s disappearance reaches her. 

Tuesday 29 November

Nate rescues Hope from the bottom of the slope and rushes her to hospital. The Morgan brothers debate whether it is in Raffy’s best interest to know that she is their sister. Hunter is sorely tempted when Olivia’s friend Rebekah offers to sell him a copy of the English exam. Matt tells Evelyn that he will stop pursuing her when she confesses that she still has feelings for Josh. 

Wednesday 30 November

Hunter is caught in an exam-cheating scam when Rebekah offers to sell the same paper to Olivia. Zac berates Hunter when he learns that he intended to cheat, but Hunter blames him for not being there to help. Leah bumps into Zac on a date with Sam, but he tells her that he is in an important meeting. Phoebe questions Justin about keeing secrets, forcing him to come clean about Raffy. 

Thursday 1 December

VJ announces that he and Billie are engaged, but when he discovers an old note addressed to him from Billie saying that she is leaving him, he demands an explanation. Kat and Ash steal kisses when they think nobody is around, but they are being watched and photographed by a mysterious figure. Zac apologises to Leah for his recent bouts of absenteeism and promises to try harder at home and with Hunter. 


Friday 2 December

VJ tells Billie that if she does not open up, their marriage will mean nothing. But when Billie confesses that if she was truly honest he would not love her anymore, VJ puts the wedding on hold to give her space. Kat and Ash’s blackmailer makes himself known, and threatens to send photos of the pair to Kat’s superiors unless Ash helps him. Nate tries to cover his disappointment when he finds out that Tori and Duncan are back together.