Emmerdale: Joanie and Zak decide to leave

After Joanie gets the sack, she and Zak make a big decision about their future


Zak and Joanie will decide to leave Emmerdale in next week’s episodes after she gets the sack from the factory!


The drama will unfold after Jai and Priya let the workers know they’re thinking about introducing zero hour contracts. Jai suggests that if they don’t like the idea they’ll have to have a ballot to decide who should take voluntary redundancy.


Kerry is justifiably worried that she might be the one facing the sack. However, almost all of the ballots come out with Jai’s name on it, and he’s fuming. Power to the people!

There is, though, one more ballot paper left and it has Joanie’s name on it. Who could have voted for her?


Belle is upset that everyone thinks she put Joanie’s name in the box and Zak vows to fight the injustice of it all, raging about his wife losing her job. Soon enough the person who dropped her in it is revealed, while Joanie has her own bombshell for Zak.


Yes, she wants her and Zak to move away – and Belle is upset that they’re now deciding to go. But when Joanie later notices that Zak isn’t himself and hasn’t even finished his meal, she asks him whether he really does want to up sticks. 

So will they really be going? And who was it that schemed to get Joanie the sack?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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