Coronation Street: Phelan to do a runner as his scam is revealed?

Is this the end for dodgy Pat?


The tension has been building over Vinny and Phelan’s ‘long con’ for months, with viewers desperate to see them get their comeuppance. Next week in Coronation Street, the drama reaches a climax when the scam is finally exposed! Both the residents who have invested and Phelan’s partner Eileen find out what has happened, but will Phelan make a quick escape to warmer climes and get away with it all?


The week begins with Phelan calling Vinny in the early hours of the morning to tell him they’ve been rumbled. A resolute Vinny says they must stick to the plan and meet up later to go to the airport together.

Meanwhile, Michael has been out all night and Gail is worried sick. Andy and Gary head off to look for him.

Vinny bids farewell to his neighbour as he gets in a taxi to go to the airport alone, saying that he won’t be coming back. At the same time, Phelan pretends to say a casual goodbye to Eileen when he leaves the house and Todd grows suspicious.


Feeling guilty, Todd goes to visit the building site. He finds that there’s been a break-in at the office and calls the police.


Fears for Michael continue to grow and Gail, Andy, Sarah and David meet in the Rovers to discuss where he could be.

Phelan starts to worry when he gets to Vinny’s place, only to find out from the neighbour that he left earlier in the day. He frantically tries to get hold of him and is horrified to learn that their bank account has been emptied. Has the conman just been conned?


Todd’s suspicions grow and he’s concerned when Phelan doesn’t pick up his phone. Meanwhile, Phelan makes his way to the airport, fake passport at the ready, and hesitates when he gets to the check-in desk. Will he do a runner or stay and face the music?

Todd is then forced to tell his mum Eileen that he and Phelan have lost all of Jason’s money as well as everyone’s deposits. The police arrive soon after. Eileen is horrified and confused, and demands answers from her son. He tells her that he was oblivious to Vinny’s dodgy scheme. Eileen is desperate to confront Phelan about his involvement but has he already left the country?


In dramatic scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 24 November, Todd – supported by Eillen and Billy – calls a meeting for all of the buyers. Rita, Jenny, Sarah, David, Yasmeen, Anna, Gary, Kevin and Andy gather in the pub, and the sheer number of people who will be affected by the scam becomes apparent.

Todd makes the awful announcement and there is uproar as everyone realises they are £15,000 out of pocket. Sarah is devastated she won’t be getting a home of her own while Anna is sickened and accuses Phelan of pulling the wool over their eyes. Todd and Eileen insist that they were tricked, too.

Gail supports Eileen through such a difficult time. Meanwhile, Anna and Eileen start to make their own conclusions about Phelan’s part in the scam.

So has Phelan made a dash for the cash and left his troubles behind? Or will he return to Weatherfield to face up to his actions? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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