Emmerdale: Will Chrissie take the blame for Lachlan’s crime?

He’s taken in for police questioning and Rebecca puts Chrissie under pressure to confess


After Diane threatens Chrissie with a shotgun in next week’s Emmerdale and she ends up admitting that she is frightened of her own son (you can read more about that here) events are set in motion which result in Lachlan being questioned by the police.


Chrissie initially wavers over whether or not to confess to the crime of shooting Lawrence herself, but in the end Lachlan is interrogated.


He intends to tell part of the truth but stress that it was an accident, but Chrissie is left distraught after the police interview concludes. She despairs about what will happen to her son in the future. Is Lachlan deluded?


Meanwhile, Rebecca is in her sister Chrissie’s ear urging her to take the blame for everything herself. She presses the phone into her hands. Chrissie considers what to do and then takes hold of it. 


So will Rebecca get her way? Is Chrissie going to take the rap for Lachlan and confess to a crime she didn’t commit? The White family drama continues next week…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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