Emmerdale: Nicola’s suspicious as Jimmy and Bernice grow closer

Does Bernice harbour feelings for Jimmy which go beyond friendship?


Nicola and Jimmy’s marriage has been going through a rocky patch ever since the accident which changed the dynamic of their relationship forever. Nicola kissed Dan and was eventually forgiven, but next week in Emmerdale she will have reason to suspect that Jimmy may be cheating on her with Bernice!


Nicola’s suspicions are first aroused when Jimmy and Bernice attempt to surprise her with a spa weekend.

For a moment it seems as if her fears have been confirmed when she catches the pair in a state of undress at home, although it turns out Bernice had been helping Jimmy to fix a broken tap.

When Jimmy tells Nicola he hasn’t been sleeping, Nicola’s affronted and she decides to up and leave for the spa. Jimmy’s left feeling hurt.

Later in the week Bernice goes through a difficult time when she feels like she’s a useless mother. In tears, she confides in a sympathetic Jimmy and cries on his shoulder.

Rodney, meanwhile, begins to question Bernice’s motives for being so keen to help Jimmy. When Nicola returns from the spa she makes it clear that she wants Bernice to leave.

Later, in the Woolpack, Rodney asks Bernice whether her feelings for Jimmy are purely based in friendship or whether there’s more to it. This clearly hits a nerve and an annoyed Bernice snaps back at him.

Is Nicola overreacting to Jimmy and Bernice’s friendship or is her intuition correct? Does Bernice really have feelings for Jimmy that go beyond friendship, and would she ever act on them?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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