Coronation Street shock: Caz returns in Gone Girl-style twist! But what’s next for Maria?

Is Maria about to be set up for murder? It's certainly not looking good for her...


Is sinister Caz about to frame an unsuspecting Maria for murder? It’s the question that all Coronation Street will be asking tonight, thanks to a cliffhanger twist that saw Caz revealed to be alive and well – despite the police believing Maria to have done her in!


Dramatic events in this evening’s double bill saw Maria taken in for questioning following the discovery of a bloodstained rug in Fiz and Tyrone’s bin. Investigating officers then grilled her about abusive texts sent to Caz from a pay-as-you-go phone registered in Maria’s name, funds drawn from credit cards that Maria didn’t recognise, as well as her past history of stalking Tyrone.


After the police let her go, Maria then returned home, where she confided in Aidan about her fears that the authorities believe she killed Caz. But little did the two of them know that Caz was lurking at the far end of the Street, a malicious look on her face that suggested she’s now hellbent on revenge. Has she – we wonder – been reading Gillian Flynn’s thriller Gone Girl?


As for what happens next, it seems that the situation will get a whole lot heavier in the coming week when the police inform Maria that because Caz knew about her sham marriage to Pablo, the hairdresser had a motive for wanting her dead. Then comes the moment later on when a horrified Maria shows Aidan a pair of bloodied scissors that she’s just pulled from her salon bag. Just how will the pair react when the police turn up with a search warrant?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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