Casualty: Charlie and Duffy kiss! “It’s what the audience has wanted for years,” says Cathy Shipton

There's romance in the emergency department this Saturday


Charlie and Duffy will finally give in to their feelings for each other in this Saturday’s Casualty when they share a kiss.


The upcoming episode will begin with Charlie asking his colleague whether her marriage is irreparable – a question that leaves Duffy unsure of what answer she should give.

But after Charlie later joins forces with Duffy to deliver her pregnant daughter-in-law’s baby, the two ED icons soon find it hard to deny the chemistry between them.

Speaking about the romantic scene, actress Cathy Shipton told Inside Soap: “It was brilliant to pick up the script and read about the kiss. I can’t deny feeling a bit of trepidation, as often dramas are more interesting if you don’t resolve these sorts of stories.

“But the writers have brought Charlie and Duffy to a place in their lives where it just makes sense. It’s what the audience has wanted for years!”


You can watch a trailer for Saturday’s episode below.