The 6 biggest shocks of the Emmerdale crash

From James's fall to Paddy's screams - we chart the best bits from tonight's stunt


OK, Emmerdale fans – have you caught your breath yet? In case you just missed it, the ITV soap has just aired its biggest-ever stunt, with the fate of those involved currently unknown.


After being pushed from a road bridge by deranged wife Emma, poor James ended up falling onto Ashley’s car – all of which triggered a massive smash-up that put the lives of several village regulars in jeopardy.

So, for those of you left dazed by the drama, here’s a rundown of the five most explosive moments from this evening’s episode (and don’t forget that there’s more to come at 8pm):

1. James’s fall

Bonkers Emma decides not to believe that James still loves her and pushes him from a bridge above the Hotton bypass. James then goes splat onto Ashley’s car, which then flips over.

2. Paddy and Rhona’s screams

The village vets hit a smashed-up vehicle and end up spinning out of control. Their combined yells left us fearing for their wellbeing. Are they going to pull through?

3. Pierce doesn’t see it coming

So busy is Pierce looking at what’s going on in his rear view that he doesn’t notice the van heading straight towards him. Smash! How DID Emmerdale manage to film it without actor Jonathan Wrather getting injured?

4. Aaron and Robert crash into the lake

We knew that fan favourites Aaron and Robert would be suffering some watery trauma – will they survive plunging headlong into a lake after careering off the road?

5. Emma surveys the wreckage

Perhaps the most chilling sight of all – Emma shaking in her wedding dress, the comprehension of what she’s just done suddenly dawning on her…

6. Who’s dead?

So many cars, so much silence. Who has breathed their last? Don’t forget to return to ITV at 8pm!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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