Neighbours: Steph visits Jacka in prison, while Madison is faced with a life-changing decision

26-30 September 2016: Plus Ned is torn between two women as his past catches up to him


Monday 26 September


Ben and Madison arrive on the Gold Coast but are interrupted by a slew of surprise arrivals. When Jacka approaches Steph and asks for her help to find out if his wife is cheating, she discovers that a Ramsay Street resident is up to no good. Xanthe tells Ben that she is ready to go all the way with him. 

Tuesday 27 September

Steph tells Ned that she knows he had an affair with Jacka’s wife. Madison is faced with a life-changing decision when Logan asks her to move to California. Ben and Xanthe are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but when they get to the bedroom, they find an unexpected guest. 

Wednesday 28 September

Steph tells Ned that he needs to leave town, but he is reluctant to go. Xanthe shows Ben around her old neighbourhood. Amy and Aaron’s romantic lives take an interesting turn when the Tanaka brothers arrive in Ramsay Street. 

Thursday 29 September

Karl learns that David has been searching through medical records. Regan begs Ned to save her from Jacka and suggests that they start a new life together. Sonya thinks that a baby will keep Mark and Steph strong, but Toadie holds deep reservations about Sonya offering to be a surrogate. 


Friday 30 September

Mark and Steph are shocked when Toadie and Sonya present them with the idea of surrogacy. Paige sets out to find common ground between Nikki and Jack, but in doing so she puts herself in a compromising position with Jack.