Coronation Street: Craig’s dad Darryl drops a huge bombshell

"It could tear the whole family apart," says actor Colson Smith


Former Emmerdale star Paul Loughran is to make his Coronation Street debut next week, playing Craig Tinker’s jailbird dad Darryl.


Craig will receive a visiting order from his father in scenes to be broadcast on Monday 12 September, but a devastated Beth forbids him from going, all of which leaves the lad in a state of turmoil.


With Beth insisting that Darryl is a liar and a criminal, Craig will be seen tearing up the letter and telling his mum that he won’t be going.

But Corrie fans should expect Craig to have a change of heart when he nervously ventures behind bars to hear what his dad has to say.

Viewers will see Darryl and Craig getting on famously, only for the atmosphere to later change when Darryl asks his son to smuggle in some drugs next time.


Craig’s aghast that Darryl is just using him and refuses, saying that he’s no rival for Beth’s husband Kirk. Darryl then retaliates, spitefully revealing some home truths about Beth.

Says Colson Smith, who plays Craig, of the upcoming drama: “To begin with, Craig and Darryl get on really well and there is a clear father/son bond. However, as the meeting goes on, Darryl asks Craig to bring drugs into the prison and Craig actually realises that his mum was right all along.

“Craig stands up to his dad and this is the turning point – in that beat Craig starts to cut Beth some slack. But Darryl’s next breath ruins that relationship between Craig and Beth…”

Back home, Craig confronts Beth, dropping a bombshell that threatens to blow the family apart. By the end of the week, Kirk will have packed his bags and decided to move in with his sister Maria. But what is the cause of the massive ructions? 


Adds Smith: “Beth has done something that goes totally against everything that Craig believes in. This could cause turmoil in the family – this could break Kirk and Beth up, it could break Beth and Sinead up – anything could happen.  It could tear the whole family apart.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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