EastEnders: Phil is the father of Denise’s baby!

And Denise is not too happy about the news...


Yes, Denise, you should be covering your eyes in disbelief…because the father of your baby has now turned out to be a certain Philip James Mitchell.


After going to see the doctor in tonight’s episode of EastEnders, expecting to be told that she was only two weeks’ pregnant, Denise was instead informed that she was 19 weeks down the line!

Suddenly, all her talk of irregular periods since Spring and not having had morning sickness with Libby and Chelsea started to make sense.

As the penny dropped for Denise and she realised that her April bunk-up with Phil had had unexpected consequences, EastEnders quickly cut to a scene featuring the unsuspecting dad to be.


Because, as fans will no doubt remember, Phil was too drunk to remember that he’d had a one-night stand with Denise! All of which leaves us wondering: will Denise ever admit to Phil that she’s expecting his child? Or will she just decide to pretend that the father of her baby is current squeeze Kush?

And, by our reckoning, both Mitchell brothers now have secrets about their offspring being kept from them, what with Grant also unaware that Mark Fowler is his son. Could life get any more complicated in Albert Square?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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