Home and Away: Chris attempts to help Nate sort out his messy love life – plus the Morgans do not forgive Justin for lying to them

5-9 September 2016: And Mason thinks that he has ruined things with Evie for good.


Monday 5 September


Nate spends some time with Tori to cheer her up, but she is stunned when they run into Danika and she kisses him.

Zac pleads with Billie to give VJ another chance and despite her guilt she agrees to move into a caravan together. Justin’s family refuse to forgive him after finding out he was present at their parents’ death.

Tuesday 6 September

Tori bonds with a mysterious stranger who has arrived back in Summer Bay after a long absence.

Ash cannot bring himself to use Andy’s dodgy money to save the garage and ponders other solutions. Chris tries to help Nate sort out his messy love life. Brody and Tori are outraged when they learn that Justin bought into the garage.

Wednesday 7 September

Ash reluctantly tells Kat the truth about Andy’s dirty money. Duncan’s rift with Alf grows wider when he reveals that he has a five-year-old son.

Justin confesses that the money he used for the garage was not his, but Tori does not see how she can trust him again. Marilyn and John are desperate to give Jordan a memorable 16th birthday.

Thursday 8 September

Marilyn and John fear losing Jordan when his father invites him to live with him. Duncan comes clean to Alf about his reasons for keeping his son a secret. Mason and Evie reconnect but he goes in for a kiss and she pulls away. Olivia makes a new friend when Tabitha moves to the Bay.

Friday 9 September


Hunter tries to talk to Olivia but she shuts him down. Mason worries that he has spoiled his friendship with Evie and tries to make amends for his bad judgement. Leah fears that her relationship with Zac is in jeopardy. Billie’s guilt is compounded when Irene gives her a blanket with great sentimental value.