Coronation Street: Nick turns nasty when he learns Steve is the father – find out what revenge he takes!

Will a text message destroy Steve and Michelle’s relationship? And can Leanne and Nick stay together through it all?


Leanne Battersby has finally admitted to boyfriend Nick that Steve McDonald is the father of her baby and he doesn’t take the news very well in next week’s Coronation Street.


The unwelcome information leaves Nick in a volatile state and Leanne, worried about what he may do, searches everywhere for him. Calling in at the Rovers, Nick tells Steve they need to go on a drive to discuss plans for the new bistro takeaway service. However, he then stops the car on a piece of deserted wasteland and confronts him, telling Steve he knows he’s the father.

Actor Ben Price explains what his character Nick is up to: “Nick’s plan is to scare Steve. He wants to find out what Steve’s intentions are and when he discovers that he has no interest in Leanne or the baby, Nick has to make sure that he has no interest for the rest of his life. He has to find a bit of a lever to make sure that Steve won’t change his mind in the future because he only has to see the baby and suddenly it might all change…”

A horrified Steve assures Nick he wants nothing to do with the baby and that his life is with Michelle and the child they are expecting. In a dramatic move, Nick types a message to Michelle telling her everything and threatens to press ‘send’ unless Steve promises to move away from the area. When Steve protests, saying his life is here in Weatherfield, Nick sends the text.

Meanwhile, Leanne has called in at the pub and is worried when she learns that Nick and Steve left together. She sees a text message from Nick appear on Michelle’s mobile and surreptitiously hides the phone in her pocket. When it rings, though, she is forced to hand it over saying she picked it up by mistake. 

Leanne’s heart is racing as Michelle reads the text. What has Nick told her? Has he blown their baby secret wide open?

Elsewhere, Steve is devastated that Nick has ruined everything. All Nick can do is insist that it will be his name on the baby’s birth certificate. Will Steve agree to this arrangement?

And will Leanne and Nick be able to stick it out despite the unavoidable fact that Steve McDonald is the father? Price adds: “Nick and Leanne always have been first loves but in soap it never runs smooth. He could walk away from Leanne and the baby, but after he realised the amount of deceit that was in his relationship with Carla, he realised that Leanne has always been there for him. He loves Leanne and wants to look after her.”

The baby drama looks set to continue…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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