Emmerdale: see Laurel go into labour – will Ashley deliver the baby? Watch the scene

Get a sneak peek look at the upcoming pregnancy drama on the ITV soap


Ashley Thomas looks set to take on midwife duties in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale when pregnant wife Laurel goes into labour at home.


Laurel had planned for Ashley not to be present a the scene of the birth, concerned that the stress might be too much for him to handle.

But the decision could well be taken out of her hands next Friday when their baby decides to make an unscheduled appearance.


Speaking recently about the upcoming drama, actor John Middleton said: “Ashley has gone upstairs to run Laurel a bath. He’s shouting down about what sort of bubble bath she’d like and is blissfully unaware that as he’s babbling on about all this, Laurel’s waters have broken.

“He comes downstairs to find her already in labour. It throws him into a panic, quite simply. He doesn’t really know what to do.”

So how will Ashley deal with the situation at home? And will the baby be delivered safely? Get a glimpse of the action with our sneak peek look…

You can watch the scene from Friday’s episode below.


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