Neighbours: Gary to be arrested by police after threatening Cooper

But was he the culprit behind last week's attack?


Gary Canning will be arrested in upcoming episodes of Neighbours after local policeman Mark spots him threatening Cooper Knights and takes him straight to the station.


Cooper was assaulted by an unknown attacker last week in the aftermath of Xanthe’s as yet unproven allegations that he went too far with her in a hotel room. All fingers point to Gary, Xanthe’s father, who warned Cooper’s mother Maureen to teach her son a lesson or he would do it himself.

Meanwhile, Alison reveals that Maureen has a serious anger problem and it’s possible that she may have been the one who hit her son. Ben then speaks to Cooper and urges him to come clean about who really injured him. 

Will ex-con Gary make it out of the police station? And will Cooper make known who really attacked him?


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