Hollyoaks: Grace seeks revenge on Sienna

Will she make her pay for her affair with Trevor Royle?


A fuming Grace Black is determined get rid of Sienna Blake and boyfriend Warren next week in Hollyoaks. She will tell Tony, Maxine and Darren about her plan and rope them in to help her.


Early in the week, Grace lures Warren to the Loft under the pretext of a business proposition. Meanwhile, Tony, Maxine and Darren use Maxine’s key to let themselves into the garage.

Later on, Warren warns Maxine and Darren to leave him alone but before too long things turn nasty. Grace manages to steal Warren’s keys and phone, which she then uses to text Sienna and lure her to the garage, where she lies in wait.


By the end of the week someone is fighting for their life in hospital. Will they survive? And did Grace manage to get her revenge?