Home and Away: Nate is stabbed with a syringe – plus Andy puts an escape plan into place

22-26 August 2016: And Ash is left with a moral dilemma following Andy’s disappearance


Monday 22 August


Andy risks everything to put his escape plan into action for Josh. Leah is devastated by VJ’s decision to move out. On the eve of Josh’s sentencing hearing, he and Evie share an emotional goodbye. Billie realises that she is not ready to live with VJ and tells Leah that she will find a way to bring him home. 

Tuesday 23 August

When Josh leaves the courtroom after being handed a 20-year sentence for Charlotte’s murder, Andy puts his plan into action and the brothers escape in a getaway car. Tori finds herself growing jealous when she spies a nurse flirting with Nate. When alone on his rounds later that night, Nate is attacked by a masked man with a syringe in his hand. 

Wednesday 24 August

After discovering that Nate was drugged, Tori experiences a terrible sense of déjà vu. Realising that her family is in danger, she tries desperately to warn them. Spike’s secret accomplice is revealed. Ash is torn when he finds an envelope full of illegally earned cash from Andy. John and Marilyn are assigned a new foster child. 

Thursday 25 August

The Morgans prepare to go on the run again when they discover that their cover has been blown. John tries out a new laidback attitude to parenting when their new foster child arrives. Roo is dismayed to learn that Alf plans to cut Duncan out of his will. Olivia fears that Hunter has not dealt with the lack of closure surrounding Charlotte’s murder. 


Friday 26 August

VJ is bitterly disappointed when he realises that Billie conspired against him with Leah. In an attempt to be an uber-cool parent, John allows Jordan to attend VJ’s party. Olivia is concerned when Hunter clashes with Jordan. Roo questions whether contacting Duncan behind Alf’s back was a good idea.