Emmerdale: Vanessa and Tracy discover they are sisters!

How will the two half-siblings react to the news?


Next week will see Tracy getting upset when she hears that Vanessa called her a ‘gold-digging tramp’. David, Tracy’s boyfriend (and, he hopes, soon-to-be fiancé) is angry when he learns that Vanessa and Leyla have said hurtful things about his beloved. Meanwhile, Vanessa begins to wonder if she should go and visit her dad.


Vanessa gets the wrong end of the stick when she hears Tracy talking on the phone to her father’s nurse (he is in hospital after being badly beaten up in prison) and wrongly assumes she is cheating on David. Leyla tells David what Vanessa overheard but he sets her straight and tells her about Tracy’s dad. David and Leyla come to the realisation that Vanessa and Tracy are both Frank’s daughters. Vanessa turns up at the hospital and the secret is out.

Actor Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa Woodfield, explained the logistics of how Frank fathered both of them: “He got a bit bored of just the perfect family life and he’s a bit of a chancer. He had affairs left, right and centre. And one of them was with…”

“My mum”, continued Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy Shankley. “[She] was a barmaid in a local pub that he went to, to get away from family life. There was never anything in it with those two in terms of a relationship, but he did always keep coming back, showing his face and then disappearing. Both Vanessa and Tracy remember their dad but only as ever being in and out of their lives and never being any good really.” 

How will Frank feel about being forced to confess? And how will the two women react now that they know they are long-lost sisters?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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