Emmerdale: Andy Sugden goes on the run after he breaks out of prison!

Will the police catch up with Andy following his escape?


Andy Sugden has broken out of custody in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale – as lawyer Rakesh Kotecha helped him go on the run.


After Andy decided to plead not guilty in court, he was remanded in prison, much to the delight of his scheming girlfriend Chrissie White.

But knowing that Chrissie is setting Andy up for a fall (her son Lachlan is actually guilty of the crime of shooting Lawrence), Rakesh opted to engineer an escape for his client, telling him to fake a fight with him as the guard approached the cell.

Andy then fled the court and hid in Adam Barton’s trailer, which made its way back to the village. A desperate Andy was last seen at the close of this evening’s double bill fleeing it on foot, very much the hunted man.


Viewers will have to wait and see whether Andy clears his name, although it is heavily rumoured that Kelvin Fletcher is to leave Emmerdale at the climax to this storyline.

Speaking recently, a source said: “Kelvin is a soap legend and will be sorely missed by Emmerdale and viewers. Bosses have managed to keep him leaving top secret, but now the cat is out of the bag.

“Producers have given him a big, dramatic exit. It’s going to be the perfect way to see off Andy.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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