EastEnders airs Andy Flynn’s final scenes

Actor Jack Derges left the soap in scenes just broadcast on BBC1


Albert Square is in need of a new local builder because Andy Flynn has downed tools and left town. Yes, EastEnders has just aired actor Jack Derges’s final scenes with Andy – sorry, Gareth – exiting Walford to start afresh elsewhere.


Recent episodes of the BBC1 soap have seen Ronnie finally discover that Andy is, in fact, Gareth AKA the adoptive brother of her late daughter Danielle.

With Andy/Gareth having shown his vulnerable side (following months of slow-burn revenge), Ronnie decided to give the man a second chance by encouraging him to move on.

“You can’t blame yourself,” Ronnie told him, despite Andy/Gareth having just messed up yet again by leaning in for a kiss.


Andy/Gareth went on to explain that he’d been blaming himself for Danielle’s death, having sent her along to find Ronnie in the first place. He also felt responsible for his dad’s stroke, what with him crashing the car they’d been travelling in right before it happened.

Before Andy/Gareth left for good, Ronnie handed him a necklace that belonged to Danielle containing a picture of Ronnie taken while she was pregnant. Ronnie then explained that she wears a necklace containing an image of Danielle around her own neck.


Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about the exit of the character, a spokesperson said: “The character of Andy was created for a specific storyline which is currently coming to the end. We wish Jack all the best for the future.”

An EastEnders insider added: “When Andy arrived in Walford, viewers didn’t realise that he was hiding a dark secret but over the past few weeks it has become clear that his intentions towards Ronnie and her family are not what they seem.

“Andy was only ever going to be in Walford for this storyline which bosses kept under wraps as they didn’t want to spoil the storyline for the viewers.”


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