EastEnders: who attacks Aunt Babe? The key suspects REVEALED!

Is it Pam? Les? Claudette? Sylvie? Or someone else?


EastEnders villain Babe Smith (Annette Badland) is to get her comeuppance in the weeks to come, but which Walford resident will leave her for dead?


Babe has made an enemy out of so many people (including most EastEnders viewers), but who has been pushed too far?

Top of the list has to be Pam and Les Coker, who have been blackmailed by Babe ever since she discovered about Les’s alter-ego Christine. We know that the Cokers are leaving the BBC1 soap, so will they be headed to prison as a result of assaulting Babe? Or maybe destined for a life on the run?


Then there’s Claudette Hubbard, who’s always quick to violence once riled (see late husband Henry and Gavin Sullivan for further details). Now that Claudette knows all about Babe’s attempts at extortion, will Claudette take a murderous approach to fixing the problem?


We all know that Abi Branning should never be pushed too far. Having once stalked Lauren before running over her own dog Tramp (remember her “things die” exclamation?), this could be the moment that Abi gets her own back on Babe following months of manipulation. Babe has told Abi to watch her back, but should Babe be watching her own where Abi is concerned?

Sylvie Carter’s feud with Babe spans decades, the starting point of course being the war of affection over Stan. Despite suffering with dementia, Sylvie was quick to gloat when it was revealed that Babe was on her uppers in last Friday’s episode. Could the pair’s animosity be about to turn deadly?


We know that actress Kellie Bright is due to take maternity leave – could she end up being written out as a result of Linda Carter attacking Babe? She certainly wasn’t too pleased with her last week when her duplicity was exposed…could her supposed shock at finding Babe unconscious be just an act?

And let’s not discount Whitney Dean – having taken the blame for the chlamydia that was actually the fault of Lee sleeping with Abi, she didn’t seem too enamoured with Babe when it was revealed that she was the chief schemer. Might pregnant Whitney lash out?

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